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To schedule an appointment for individualized services, please email or to view and sign up for upcoming workshops and sessions:

You must be registered with New York State's Career Center system to access Erie County Career Centers' cost-free resources. If you are not registered yet, please attend our cost-free virtual orientation workshop. 

Registration with your first and last name and a valid email address is required for workshops, appointments, and networking events. Please register online at  If you have questions or need a telephone appointment instead, please call 716-270-4444. 

Workshop Attendance Guidelines:

  • Please mute your microphone until it is your turn to speak to reduce background noise.
  • As a member of our workshop, we ask that you respect each other’s privacy, and treat class discussion as confidential.
  • We cannot guarantee that everything shared within a group setting will stay in our virtual classrooms, so please share only what you are comfortable discussing.
  • Respect everyone’s voice.

Workshop Descriptions:

Afternoon Job Club: Looking for employment or career advice? Come join the Thursday Afternoon Job Club! Meet others looking for work, share job-hunting experiences, build new contacts and receive advice on... job searches, job applications, interview techniques, résumés and other opportunities. Led by Monique Carr, M. Ed., SUNY Erie Career Coach.

Developing Your Personal Brand: Your first impression is often online. Whether you are trying to grow your network for a new job or just want to reintroduce yourself to your existing network, it’s important to take steps to consider your virtual presence. This workshop will provide you with practical steps on how to start building and communicating the value you can bring to potential employers. Taught by Denise Raymond-DiBlasi, M.S., CWDP, SUNY Erie Dean of Employment and Training Services.

Effective Strategies for Virtual Job Searching: Do you need assistance navigating the job search process during this economic slowdown? Learn tips to guide you in your job search.

How to Make Your Resume Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) Friendly: Have you ever applied online for a position you thought you were perfect for, only to never hear back from the employer? Chances are that it may not have been seen by an actual human being at any point during the hiring process because of the Applicant Tracking System (ATS).  In this workshop, you will learn some ways to make your resume ATS friendly to avoid the dreaded ATS black hole. Workshop objectives: 1) Learn how ATS technology works. 2) Discover the best resume styles for ATS. 3) Explore how keywords and job titles can strengthen your ATS applications. 4) Find out how creating a position-specific narrative strengthens your resume. 5) Learn better formatting techniques so the parsing process is not disrupted, & 6) Consider your strategy before applying for a job – people decide who they are going to hire, technology does not.Taught by Denise Raymond-DiBlasi, M.S., CWDP, SUNY Erie Dean of Employment and Training Services.

Orientation for Career Center Jobseekers:  Receive information about the cost-free services available to jobseekers at our certified career centers from one of our friendly and experienced Career Coaches. This virtual workshop includes a brief presentation, opportunities to ask questions, job search tips, and one-on-one time with a Career Coach. Please provide your email address when registering for this workshop. You will be asked to provide information to help us assist you with your job search and career goals. Begin building your brighter future today! Facilitated by one of our friendly and fantastic Career Coaches.

Practical Steps for a Career Change: Whether you are going back to work after your seasonal job ends, are in a career transition, or feel stuck in your current position, this workshop will help you learn some strategies for a career change. Learning objectives: 1) Think through new job vs new career; 2) Consider why you want to change careers; 3) Reflect about what your future self wants to do; 4) Identify small things that you can start now; and 5) Unpack situations occupying space in your life that are distracting you from making changes. Taught by Denise Raymond, M.S., CWDP, Dean of Employment & Training Services at SUNY Erie College.

Resumes and Cover Letters: Have you had your resume critiqued lately? Do you need a few updates, a new resume, or a resume overhaul? Our virtual resume and cover letter workshop with SUNY Erie Career Coach Monique Carr, M. Ed., will offer tips on making a great first impression. You’ll have an opportunity for a resume review following the workshop.

Tips for Video-Based Interviews: Interviewing can be a challenge, especially during the pandemic. Learn how to switch gears from in-person interviews to virtual interviews. Your workshop host will offer guidance on how to prepare for a virtual interview. 

Time Management:  Learn how to manage your time effectively to accomplish what is most important to you, meet deadlines, while reducing and managing stress.

Trade Act Information: This virtual workshop will review Trade Act (TAA) program benefits, processes and services, including extremely important time sensitive deadlines. Only workers from companies certified with petitions should attend this workshop. If you are unsure if your employer is Trade Act Eligible, please contact the SUNY Erie Career Center for clarification. Taught by Karen Daube, M.Ed., SUNY Erie Trade Act Specialist and Job Developer II.

Funded by the Federal Workforce Innovation Opportunity Act (WIOA). An Equal opportunity employer/program. Auxiliary aids and services are available upon request to individuals with disabilities.

New York State’s Career Centers are proud to offer Priority of Service to Veterans and Eligible Spouses. If you served on Active Duty in the United States Armed Forces, we will serve you first by the next available staff member; and give you first priority to any jobs or training for which you are eligible and qualified.

June 2023